What drives people to have an affair

There was this man who married a hot woman who was once a bold star. They stay together until they became elderly. Her boobs sagged, she became overweight, and she stopped trying to look presentable. She became a drunkard, and smoked a lot of cigarettes on the sly, as her man did not like her doing those things. 


A nag

She could not accept aging and became a nagging woman. She found fault with everyone. She also spewed out abusive words to her husband and became toxic. The man found his escape by using adult dating apps to find other women. 

Why he went a-looking

He was not looking for sex, as his wife would ride him every night. He wanted to find a woman who would give him peace of mind — someone who didn’t create issues and was beautiful inside. Sick and tired of the relationship, he had to break away. 

Her libido

What he didn’t know was that his wife was also fooling around. She had downloaded apps for sex dates and got laid by a lot of other men. What drove her to have affairs is her libido. 

The reasons

People have affairs for many reasons. One of the primary reasons is to escape from the routine of a relationship. There are times that those who go on adult dating websites do find a long-term relationship – as the person got to escape their partner, never to return. Some use apps for sex dates to get a hookup, as they prefer to have sexual relations with no-strings-attached.

About desire

One thing about desire is that it fades. The wanting to be near someone might disappear in as little as six months. Desire can be likened to the song by the Carpenters, entitled, “Close To You.” The pull may make one feel that there are birds that suddenly appear and stars that fall from the sky. If you been in a few relationships, you will agree that those feelings do disappear.

A passing fancy 

It is also sometimes difficult to accept that there are ‘passing fancies.’ The relationship might seem so right, but it fizzles out way too early. Those things do happen, but then, one ideally shouldn’t get emotionally attached if the bottom line of the ‘union’ was just for sex.

That spark 

Losing that spark that ignites the fire of desire does happen between couples. This kind of fire can be re-ignited, or someone new might be the ‘baby’ who will light your fire. We all need to feel that spark, and sometimes, it will happen when we least expect it.

Find that escape route

If you want to feel that spark, you can use one of the best apps for sex dates. You’ll be able to find someone new who can be your ‘baby’ and light that fire. If you feel the need to escape, have an affair by finding a sex mate online